Nasa Earth Exchange: Social networking for scientists

A very clever idea from NASA, combining data archives, computing resources and a social networking site to promote cooperation and research among earth scientists. The NASA earth exchange seems the sort of model that is scalable both ways. Certainly with lots of researchers operating on a sort barter level at the moment, with research funds drying up – this sort of informal collaboration could keep outputs up for the next few years. One could start simply with a data “exchange and mart”, here’s the imagery we posses, heres the field work, here are our projects for next few years, and what we’d like to achieve and then instead of “looking for partners” researchers instead start conversations, what half realised idea you have? what half finished papers? whats struck you interesting in the last year, what policy stuff is coming up. That way informal collaboration begin, ideas are sparked and crucially resources that are sitting unused are made available. According to the nex wiki non-nasa reseacrhers will be able to join in sept. Perhaps the EO community here should start earlier with our own social network site – that crucilaly involves EO data users, earth scientist, environmentalists etc and not just EO reseachers.


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