Alpbach Summer School

Enterprise Ireland currently funds Irish students to participate in the yearly Alpbach summer school. This is an intensive 10 day course with students working taking lectures and workshops on a range of space related topics and working in teams to produce a report on a specific project. The SEDS blog has a good coverage of the 4 RS missions proposed by the students.


Obliquely remote sensing and Irish

The very latest sonar scan (we don’t often include sonar in our discussions – certainly I’d be very intrested to here from anyone using it in Ireland) of the Titanic (built in belfast!) shows off facinating detail and aparantley shows a debris field to be much larger than thought.

via The Sonar Image Of The Titanic\’s Debris Field Is Bigger Than Expected.

The Big RS conference is next week in Cork

Last chance to register to attend the BIG remote sensing conference in Cork next week. The RSPSoc is coming to Ireland for first time and Ned Dwyer and Fiona Cawkwell have organised 3 great days in UCC. Anyone with an interest in remote sensing In Ireland should attend. Especially, I think PhDs and Post Docs in who might not have a RS background but are looking to use it in their research (for example ecologists or geographers) and also researchers in complementary fields such as machine vision, sensors etc. Have a look at the line up pick the day that’s of interest (90 euro for a day reg, less for a student) and just go down for that.
I’m presenting on Thurs so see you all there.

Irish Paper Watch

Absolutely fascinating paper from QUB on a novel AI approach to image segmentation. Treating each pixel in an image as neuron – the “neuron”s recognise neighbours as being similar, over time.
Cutting edge stuff and very interesting

Ammar Belatreche, Liam Maguire, Martin McGinnity, Liam McDaid, and Arfan Ghani, “Computing with Biologically Inspired Neural Oscillators: Application to Colour Image Segmentation,” Advances in Artificial Intelligence, vol. 2010, Article ID 405073, 21 pages, 2010. doi:10.1155/2010/405073

Remote sensing on the Radio

Sean Duke of the Irish Science magazine, Science Spin, has a weekly programme on contempory scienc stories on Dublin City FM (Thurs 3.30). I did segment this week explaining remote sensing and the podcast is available here (the RS starts in about 19mins)

Stock Tips based on Satellite Image Data

We’ve had few posts looking at crop yield monitoring by satellite. A lot of this data is used by services like FEWS to act as food security warnings. But another use is in stock trading, buying and selling commodity futures based on estimate of a crop yield in few months. Here however is great article on using hi-res satellite images to predict the profitability of a retail store.
In short a company called remote sensing metrics has been using satellite images of car parks at Wal-Mart super stores in the states to measure footfall and thus profit trends (more shoppers, more profit). Very clever but I do wonder about sun-synchronicity, satellite taking images at the same time of day, every day – is there not a lot of diurnal variation? Still a great novel use of the satellite data pouring down on us.