Irish LIDAR research published so far in 2010

To try and capture whats going on in Irish Research we occasionally publish short lists of the very latest publications on a given topic (within the last 6 months)- here is a short , by no means exhaustive, list of publications on the use of LIDAR technology either in Ireland or by Irish researchers (if you’ like a paper to be listed or would like to suggest a topic, please email the managing editor )

Coveney, S., A. Stewart Fotheringham, M. Charlton, and T. McCarthy. 2010 Dual-scale validation of a medium-resolution coastal DEM with terrestrial LiDAR DSM and GPS. Computers & Geosciences 36:489-499.

Laefer, D.F., J. Gannon, and E. Deely. 2010. Reliability of Crack Detection Methods for Baseline Condition Assessments. Journal of Infrastructure Systems 16:129-137.

McInerney, D.O., J. Suarez-Minguez, R. Valbuena, and M. Nieuwenhuis. Forest canopy height retrieval using LiDAR data, medium-resolution satellite imagery and kNN estimation in Aberfoyle, Scotland. Forestry 83:195-206.

Clifford, B., N. Farrelly, and S. Green. 2010. A preliminary evaluation of the application of multi-return LiDAR for forestry in Ireland. COFORD, Dublin.


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