Guide to habitat mapping in Ireland

The use of remote sensing for habitat mapping is a growing field in Ireland. It is however sometime poorly planned – essentially an add-on to conventional research. The remote sensing of habitats is particularly dependent on ground-truth. Whilst the many compex issues, regarding themes and resolution when trying to map what is often an holistic-system via spatialy aggregated samples ( the image) are only beggining to be addressed in Ireland this draft document from the heritage council on field mapping of habitats with particular refence to digtial techniques is to be welcomed. The BEST PRACTICE GUIDANCE FOR HABITAT SURVEY AND MAPPING is decribed as:

The objective of this Guidance document is to present best practice guidance for survey and mapping of habitats in the Republic of Ireland. They are aimed at those who conduct or commission habitat surveys, and to inform those who use the final product. Their objective is to standardise and improve habitat survey and mapping methods in order to achieve compatibility among surveys and surveyors and to ensure quality and consistency of the maps and data produced. Furthermore, they attempt to address the differing and often conflicting requirements of survey objectives and scale and the diverse needs of organisations involved in the collection of habitat data.

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