Research post in Galway

Study of Ocean Surface Processes and their Impact on the Retrievals of

Salinity from SMOS

 Salary: €42,000 per year

 Keywords: sea surface salinity; upper ocean turbulence; oceanic microstructure; air-sea interaction


Deadline for application is *November 05 2010* with an anticipated

start date of January 2011.

The research will be conducted at NUI, Galway, Ireland.


This project will focus on the ESA SMOS mission by investigating the

oceanic processes that can complicate accurate retrievals of SSS from


This research will be conducted using the Air-Sea Interaction Profiler

(ASIP). ASIP is an autonomous, upwardly-rising instrument with a suite

of high-resolution sensors which can resolve the salinity gradients in

the upper few millimetres. Data from the proposed measurements will be

invaluable to the SMOS mission in order to understand the relationship

between SSS (i.e. the salinity at 1 cm), and a ‘bulk’ salinity

measurement. These data will also highlight the conditions where

salinity gradients are expected to exist: evaporation, precipitation,

and during low wind speeds where a surface salty layer may be

stabilised when there is significant shortwave warming at the ocean



The candidate will participate in field measurements with ASIP and

conduct data analysis.

Applications (curriculum vitae, academic degree, references) should be

sent by e-mail to Dr. Brian Ward (, National

University of Ireland, Galway, Air-Sea Physics Lab, University Road,

Galway, Ireland.


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