New Earth Explorer Missions

Barry Fennel of Enterprise Ireland and Irelands link to ESA passes on the following information:

You may be interested to know that at the most recent ESA EO board meeting two further Earth Explorer missions have been selected for further study. They are:
CarbonSat – Carbon Monitoing Satellite
FLEX – Fluorescence Explorer

Carbon Sat has the following scientific and societal objectives:

To quantify magnitudes and spatial and temporal distributions of CO2 and CH4 sources and sinks from regional to suburban scales.
To identify the CO2 uptake mechanisms of the terrestrial biosphere and oceans.
To determine the response of CO2 and CH4 sources and sinks to a changing climate.
To contribute to treaty verification of UNFCCC and post-Copenhagen agreements.

The main objectives of the Flex mission are:
To provide, for the first time, space-based maps of vegetation fluorescence, which can be converted into a quantitative indicator of photosynthetic efficiency rates of terrestrial ecosystems.
On the strength of evidence that canopy fluorescence is closely correlated with ecosystem carbon uptake, to provide measurements that can be used to improve models of vegetation gross primary production.

More info as follows:


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