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Towards autonomous robot swarms for multi-target localisation and monitoring with applications to counter IED operations
Robert J. Mullen A1, Sarah Barman A2, Paolo Remagnino A3, Dorothy Monekosso A4
A4 School of Computing and Mathematics, Ulster University, Shore Road, Newtonabby, County Antrim, BT37 0QB, Northern Ireland

International Journal of Intelligent Defence Support Systems
  Issue:  Volume 4, Number 1 / 2011
  Pages:  87 – 107
  URL:  Linking Options


A swarm robotics approach is adopted in designing a fully autonomous multi-robot-based solution to the problem of locating generic targets within a given search space. A proof of concept system is developed and tested within a 3D simulation environment. A series of laboratory experiments are carried out to assess the performance of the system with respect to the given task of localising and monitoring generic targets, with reference to a counter IED scenario. Further experiments are carried out to evaluate the robustness to robot failure and scalability of the system

via Inderscience Publishers – Article.


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