Land use conference in Galway August 2011

9th Annual Colloquium of the International Geographical Union Commission on the Sustainability of Rural Systems Le 19ième colloque de la commission « Le développement durable et les systèmes ruraux » de l’Union Géographique Internationale
National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland, 1-7 August 2011
Against the background of international trends and the recent experience in Ireland, the Colloquium will address a number of key themes of current concern in rural areas under the broad heading of The Sustainability of Rural Systems: Local and Global Challenges and Opportunities. Abstracts are invited for papers that address the following themes and sub-themes, broadly defined, from theoretical and policy perspectives and that document processes of change in particular geographical contexts:

1. Land use, agriculture and food: issues of local sustainability in a global context
2. Heritage, tourism and environment: challenges and opportunities
3. Rural society, population and settlement under conditions of economic and social change
4. Governance and rural development: progress and prospects
5. Innovative approaches to employment in rural areas
6. Rural society and sustainable energy

Deadline for Abstracts: Thursday 31 March 2011

Abstracts should be submitted through the web page:


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