If Fukushima had happened in Ireland?

Trying to get to grips with the scale of what’s happening in Japan – i thought i might look at the aftereffects if they had happend in Ireland. Imagine the Carnsore Point plant had been built, a disaster had happened and a 20km long term evacuation zone had been established (as in Japan). Quck screen grab from googlemaps shows what 20km circle around carnsore point looks like

The white cicle shows the 20km perimter- it captures the southern half of wexford town along with roslare and surrounding lands.  A quick GIS analysis on the Census 2006 data shows this would mean a population of about 25000 people evacuated (in realty i suppose the whole of wexford town might be evacuated or people would chose to leave of their own accord). As with the Fukushima area you can see from the image its some of Irelands most prodcutive agricultural land.


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