How many Remote Sensing professionals in Ireland?

I ask this question because I’ve just picking through some information on GIS teaching in a book called Teaching Geographic Information Science and Technology in Higher Education. One chapter looks at future direction. In it there’s a table showing current numbers working in different geoinformatics areas in the states. One of the areas is specifically “remote sensing scientists and technologists” – quite a precise definition as they also seperate out prescison ag workers, surveyor, mapper and GIS, so RS science and technologists must be people who primarily define themselves as such rather than , as in the other occupations , people who use RS to do their job.
Anyway, the good news is that all areas of geoinformatics are expected to be areas of very good employment growth over the next decade – but the item that caught my I is the number employed as RS scientists and technologists in the states in 2008 was 27,000. Using a very simple pro-rata we should have 400 people calling themselves RS scientists and technologists – I suspect we are along way from there.


A new site for environmental careers

A great new initiative , ecocareers, a site listing for free opprotunites in the green area in jobs, research opportunities , internships, free to use and free to post. Could become a very valuable resource.