Highest wind speed ever in ireland!

Its a windy one. The met stations around the country are recording some of the highest windspeeds in their history. But we can measure windspeed with satellites. Not directly but we can use RADAR satellites to measure the roughness of the sea and then infer the windspeed. These instruments are called scatterometers and because they produce a beam of energy that can penetrate cloud they can be used in all weathers. The data from a whole suite of satellites is freely available from EUMETSAT and NASA PO_DAAC service (click “parameters”) . You need specialist software to view the information – or you can go to OSI SAY a EUMETSAT service that does the processing for you: Here from the site is an image of the windy weather last night – the arrows, showing windspeed and direction are generated by the scatterometer data (ASCAT) and the image is from the met8 satellite:

It was windy last night

More information on how the ASCAT scatterometr works can be found here


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