UAV regulation in Ireland

The Irish Aviation authority have just issued new regulation about the operation of Unmanned aerial Systems in ireland.

Here are the details, but in short, this doesnt include model aircraft for recreational use but as soon as you put a sensor on board and start chraging for a service it falls under these guidleines.

In short , there is no “right – to -fly”, each operations needs a licence to operate and each flight needs clearance. The technology at the moment is effectively limited to line-of-sight equipment, as more advanced systems do not meet the saftey requiremnts so far. Here’s a brief extract that sums things up:

It is IAA policy that UAS operations in Ireland must meet at least the same safety and operational standards as manned aircraft. Therefore, UAS operations must be as safe as manned aircraft insofar as they must not present or create a greater hazard to persons, property, vehicles or vessels, whilst in the air or on the ground, than those attributable to the operation of manned aircraft.

The underlying policy is that a UAS may not be flown in Ireland without the operator obtaining a specific Permission from the Authority. Additionally, where such a UAS is to be used for commercial purposes such as filming, photography, survey, surveillance, etc, the operator must apply to the Authority for an Aerial Work Permission to cover such activity.


3 thoughts on “UAV regulation in Ireland

  1. Nice find – the stipulation that it can’t be used within 8km of an aerodrome or 2km of another plane rules out alot of surveys in Dublin if this is true

    • It certainly does- however, this is a rapidly changing regulatory environment, so expect change! especially regarding autonomous vehicles and urban use – police force around the world are begging to use this tech – the guardai won’t be far behind

  2. Is there any update on this? Has this changed at all? Surely the line of sight thing is impractical give the range and height some UAVs can operate out to?

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