Free Landsat TM images

The USGS has launched another landsat viewer, but this is lovely. Very smooth and quick- can instantanly get Landsatlook images (geocoded true colour jpegs) from the whole archive or, if you have registered with usgs, you can get the raw data. Really very nice and well worth a look – should work vey well in a teaching environment.

Satellites observe Greenland Ice sheet melting almost overnight

This article in the guardian and the corresponding NASA press release show two startling maps derived from MODIS imagery and other satellites showing that summer melt of the Greenland ice sheet has been almost complete and occurred only over a few days. The two images below are derived from data only a few days apart and show how fast the annual melt occurred. You have to be aware that the images are showing melting not cover, so ice is still present but has thawed to some extent. The satellites used look at temperature changes, colour changes and electrical properties.

Dark pink is definite melting, light pink probable melting July8 on left, July12 on right

Vacancies for 3 Research Assistants in Geographical Information Science, fixed-term contracts

From Heiko Baltzer, Leicster Uni:

Vacancies for 3 Research Assistants in Geographical Information Science, fixed-term contracts

Reference Number: SEN00273

Reference Number: SEN00274


Job Purpose

At Leicester we’re going places. Ranked in the top 20 universities in Britain our aim is to climb further. A commitment to high quality fused with an inclusive academic culture is our hallmark and led the Times Higher Education to describe us as “elite without being elitist”.

You will assist the GIO Land Monitoring Research Team by carrying out geospatial analyses following technical instructions provided by the European Environment Agency to validate and enhance high-resolution layer datasets (HRL) produced under the GMES initiative and to produce the UK component of the CORINE land cover map 2012. It is expected that there will be opportunities to publish the results in international quality research papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Informal enquiries should be made to the Director of the Centre for Landscape and Climate Research, Professor Heiko Balzter (0116 252 3820;>



The closing date for this post is midnight on 2 September 2012

Interviews are anticipated to be held on 17 September 2012.


Please circulate this email to possible candidates.



Irish Reseacrh Publications:Association of elevation error with surface type, vegetation class and data origin in discrete-returns airborne LiDAR – International Journal of Geographical Information Science –

Taylor & Francis Online :: Association of elevation error with surface type, vegetation class and data origin in discrete-returns airborne LiDAR – International Journal of Geographical Information Science –.

NASA selects Irish Republic as first international research partner

US SPACE agency Nasa has chosen the Republic as its first global research partner, seen by some as the first steps towards sending an Irish astronaut into space.

The space agency is partnering with Irish universities to give scientists a chance to work at the world’s leading research facilities in the US.

US space agency Nasa selects Republic as first international research partner.

Free online course on Machine Learning

The big american universities have some amazing free online resources. Most impressive are the free online courses offered, with lectures and homework and grading. Of interest to the RS community is this course starting next week on Machine Learning from Caltech.

First Announcement: 6th Irish Earth Observation Symposium IEOS2012

Irish Earth Observation Symposium IEOS-2012

First Announcement

IEOS-2012 will take place from Thursday, 1st November to Friday, 2nd November 2012 at the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) in Bolton Street, Dublin.

The symposium web pages are under preparation but please note that the Call for Abstracts will be issued in the first week of September.  A wide range of relevant themes will be discussed at the symposium and we hope to invite keynote speakers to begin each symposium session.

Further announcements will follow.

IEOS-2012 is supported by DIT’s Department of Spatial Information Sciences and the National Parks and Wildlife Service of the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.

Initial enquiries for further information should be directed to:

Kevin Mooney, DIT:

Remote Sensing Journals Impact Factors

the JRC reports for 2011 are available. No big surprises for remote sensing, top three:

Journal                                                  Cites                  IF2011             5YrIF

REMOTE SENS ENVIRON                  18449                  4.574               5.276
IEEE T GEOSCI REMOTE                    16126                  2.895                3.298
ISPRS J PHOTOGRAMM                     1879                    2.885                3.435

The IJRS just about holds on to an IF >1 . The list includes entries like Radio Science with an IF of 1.075. The full list from ISI is here .