Internships in European Space Agency

Barry Fennel of Enterprise Ireland passes on details of a very exciting opportunity for Young graduates – Training in ESA:

Young Graduate Trainee Opportunities

Only online applications can be considered and you may only apply for ONE of the opportunities below.

Last Update: 19 November 2012
Reference Specialist area Duty station Closing date
ESA/YG-ESAC(2012)001 Space Situational Awareness -Space Weather ESAC (E) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESAC(2012)002 Astronomy ESAC (E) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESOC(2012)001 Engineering (Measurement and Control Techniques; ‘Green’ Technologies) EAC (D) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESOC(2012)002 Mission Data Systems for Operations ESOC (D) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESOC(2012)003 Mission Analysis ESOC (D) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESOC(2012)004 Flight Dynamics ESOC (D) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESOC(2012)005 Software Engineering ESOC (D) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESOC(2012)006 AOCS Engineering – Flight Control ESOC (D) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESOC(2012)007 Spacecraft Operations ESOC (D) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESOC(2012)008 Satellite and Ground Station Operations REDU (B) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESOC(2012)009 Telecommunication Engineering (Radio Frequency) ESOC (D) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESOC(2012)010 Medical Operations, Biomedical Engineering EAC (D) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESRIN(2012)001 Earth Observation Missions – Long Term Data Preservation ESRIN (I) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESRIN(2012)002 IT Engineering, Cloud Processing, Visualisation, Earth Observation Processing and GIS ESRIN (I) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESRIN(2012)003 Exploitation of Earth Observation Data ESRIN (I) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)001 SAR applied Electromagnetics ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)002 System Performance Analysis, Orbit and Geometry Computations ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)003 Earth Observation, Physics, Chemistry ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)004 Space System Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)005 Sentinel-2 Mission and Payload Performance Evaluation ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)006 International Law ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)007 Life Sciences or Physical Sciences ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)008 Robotics and Tele-Operation ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)009 System Maintenance, System Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)010 Engineering Data Management ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)011 Telecommunications Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)012 Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)013 Projects Planning & Resources Assessment ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)014 Space-related Educational Activities ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)015 Support for Student Satellite Activities ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)016 Support for Student Sounding Rocket and Balloon Experiments ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)017 Support for Student Microgravity and Hypergravity Experiments ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)018 Education Outreach and Coordination Activities ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)019 Support for Educational CanSat Activities ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)020 Advanced Concepts for Climate Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)021 Advanced Concepts in Non linear and Complex Systems ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)022 Advanced Concepts in Artificial Intelligence ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)023 Controls Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)024 Physics/Astrophysics ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)025 Astronomy ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)026 Software Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)027 System Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)028 Management Systems, Process and Quality Management in the ISO 9001 Management System Project ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)029 Multimedia Communications ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)030 Facility Management ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)031 Prototyping and Testing of Sensors and of Advanced Navigation Techniques ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)032 Data Systems – Computers, Electronics and Communication Technologies ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)033 Antenna and Sub-millimetre Wave and Space Environments and Effects ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)034 Power and Energy Conversion ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)035 RF Payload Systems ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)036 Product Development and General Support Technology ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)037 Modeling, Simulation and Software Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)038 Cost Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)039 Green Technologies and Debris Mitigation and Remediation ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)040 Space Components Evaluation, Product Assurance ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)041 Sofware Product Assurance ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)042 Dependability and Safety Assurance ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)043 Materials Science, Materials Physics, Applied Physics ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)044 Materials Chemistry, Applied Physics, Materials Science ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)045 Components Technology ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)046 Components Technology ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)047 Materials Technology ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)048 Life Support Systems ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)049 Optical and Opto-electronics Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)050 Propulsion & Aerothermodynamics ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)051 Structures and Mechanisms Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)052 Thermal Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)053 Aeronautical Engineering/AIV ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-HO(2012)001 Environmental Technologies, Launcher Technologies HO (F) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-HO(2012)002 Launchers Policy HO (F) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-HO(2012)003 Monitoring of the Technical Requirements Related to the Worldwide Satellite Market Demand and Associated Launch Services HO (F) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-HO(2012)004 Space Law HO (F) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-HO(2012)005 Strategy Analysis (Strategic Planning) HO (F) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-HO(2012)006 Future Projects Analysis HO (F) 16-Dec-2012

Dust Storm in the Plains Caputured Well in MODIS Dust RGB Imagery…

A great example of agricultural remote sensing form the states

The Wide World of SPoRT

On Thursday, October 18th, high winds affected drought-stricken areas of the central high plains as a tight pressure gradient developed between a broad low pressure system in the upper Midwest and a ridge of high pressure centered over the Inter-Mountain West.  Surface winds gusting around 50-70 mph were common across an area from the Dakotas through western and central portions of Nebraska and Kansas.   With much of this area experiencing exceptional (D4) drought conditions (Figure 1), a large plume of dust was generated mainly in western Nebraska, which then spread rapidly downstream.

West to northwest winds around the base of the broad trough sent the dust plume racing across the mid-Mississippi Valley and into the Tennessee Valley regions overnight.  The dust could be seen in visible imagery yesterday afternoon (Figure 2).

However, the dust showed up very well in MODIS Dust RGB imagery (Figures 3-6). Notice the spatial evolution of the dust plume, as it developed…

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