Internships in European Space Agency

Barry Fennel of Enterprise Ireland passes on details of a very exciting opportunity for Young graduates – Training in ESA:

Young Graduate Trainee Opportunities

Only online applications can be considered and you may only apply for ONE of the opportunities below.

Last Update: 19 November 2012
Reference Specialist area Duty station Closing date
ESA/YG-ESAC(2012)001 Space Situational Awareness -Space Weather ESAC (E) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESAC(2012)002 Astronomy ESAC (E) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESOC(2012)001 Engineering (Measurement and Control Techniques; ‘Green’ Technologies) EAC (D) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESOC(2012)002 Mission Data Systems for Operations ESOC (D) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESOC(2012)003 Mission Analysis ESOC (D) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESOC(2012)004 Flight Dynamics ESOC (D) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESOC(2012)005 Software Engineering ESOC (D) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESOC(2012)006 AOCS Engineering – Flight Control ESOC (D) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESOC(2012)007 Spacecraft Operations ESOC (D) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESOC(2012)008 Satellite and Ground Station Operations REDU (B) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESOC(2012)009 Telecommunication Engineering (Radio Frequency) ESOC (D) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESOC(2012)010 Medical Operations, Biomedical Engineering EAC (D) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESRIN(2012)001 Earth Observation Missions – Long Term Data Preservation ESRIN (I) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESRIN(2012)002 IT Engineering, Cloud Processing, Visualisation, Earth Observation Processing and GIS ESRIN (I) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESRIN(2012)003 Exploitation of Earth Observation Data ESRIN (I) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)001 SAR applied Electromagnetics ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)002 System Performance Analysis, Orbit and Geometry Computations ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)003 Earth Observation, Physics, Chemistry ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)004 Space System Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)005 Sentinel-2 Mission and Payload Performance Evaluation ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)006 International Law ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)007 Life Sciences or Physical Sciences ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)008 Robotics and Tele-Operation ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)009 System Maintenance, System Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)010 Engineering Data Management ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)011 Telecommunications Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)012 Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)013 Projects Planning & Resources Assessment ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)014 Space-related Educational Activities ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)015 Support for Student Satellite Activities ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)016 Support for Student Sounding Rocket and Balloon Experiments ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)017 Support for Student Microgravity and Hypergravity Experiments ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)018 Education Outreach and Coordination Activities ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)019 Support for Educational CanSat Activities ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)020 Advanced Concepts for Climate Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)021 Advanced Concepts in Non linear and Complex Systems ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)022 Advanced Concepts in Artificial Intelligence ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)023 Controls Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)024 Physics/Astrophysics ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)025 Astronomy ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)026 Software Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)027 System Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)028 Management Systems, Process and Quality Management in the ISO 9001 Management System Project ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)029 Multimedia Communications ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)030 Facility Management ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)031 Prototyping and Testing of Sensors and of Advanced Navigation Techniques ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)032 Data Systems – Computers, Electronics and Communication Technologies ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)033 Antenna and Sub-millimetre Wave and Space Environments and Effects ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)034 Power and Energy Conversion ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)035 RF Payload Systems ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)036 Product Development and General Support Technology ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)037 Modeling, Simulation and Software Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)038 Cost Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)039 Green Technologies and Debris Mitigation and Remediation ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)040 Space Components Evaluation, Product Assurance ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)041 Sofware Product Assurance ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)042 Dependability and Safety Assurance ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)043 Materials Science, Materials Physics, Applied Physics ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)044 Materials Chemistry, Applied Physics, Materials Science ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)045 Components Technology ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)046 Components Technology ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)047 Materials Technology ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)048 Life Support Systems ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)049 Optical and Opto-electronics Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)050 Propulsion & Aerothermodynamics ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)051 Structures and Mechanisms Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)052 Thermal Engineering ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-ESTEC(2012)053 Aeronautical Engineering/AIV ESTEC (NL) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-HO(2012)001 Environmental Technologies, Launcher Technologies HO (F) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-HO(2012)002 Launchers Policy HO (F) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-HO(2012)003 Monitoring of the Technical Requirements Related to the Worldwide Satellite Market Demand and Associated Launch Services HO (F) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-HO(2012)004 Space Law HO (F) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-HO(2012)005 Strategy Analysis (Strategic Planning) HO (F) 16-Dec-2012
ESA/YG-HO(2012)006 Future Projects Analysis HO (F) 16-Dec-2012

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