Conference on Space, Innovation and Growth in Maritime Sector – Cork, Ireland 18-19 April 2013

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Conference on Space, Innovation and Growth in Maritime Sector

18-19 April 2013, National Maritime College of Ireland, Cork

Seas and oceans are a rich and often underestimated resource that can contribute to innovation, growth and employment. They provide valuable ecosystem services and contribute to numerous socio-economic activities.

In 2007 the EU adopted the Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP) with the objective to enhance the sustainable development of the European maritime economy and to better protect the marine environment by encouraging the cooperation of all maritime players across sectors and borders.

Space systems such as Earth Observation, Navigation and Communication have been vital tools for improving our knowledge of the marine environment and providing innovative solutions to assist with maritime resource extraction, effective planning and management of the competing demands on the maritime domain as well as increasing safety and security of maritime operations. While these market sectors are already quite advanced in the Atlantic region, these and other marine activities require long-term investment and cross-border coherence in the actions of the EU and its member states to maintain current successes and foster expansion elsewhere in Europe.

The objectives of the conference are :
· To take stock of the contribution of Space systems to the implementation of the maritime policy including the navigation (Galileo) and Earth Observation applications (Copernicus) flagship programmes
· to investigate how new scientific results and innovative services, notably deriving from ESA’s Earth Observation programme, and the future EU research programme (Horizon2020) can assist the EU in achieving the new targets of the IMP
· to assess how space development activities such as the ESA EO Programme and the industrial policy elements under the maritime policy can contribute to expanding national economies in Europe over the coming 2-3 years

The conference will gather policy makers, scientists, maritime operators and EO application specialists. Participation will be free of charge and limited to 120 people.

The conference is jointly organised by Enterprise Ireland, the Coastal and Marine Research Centre, the Irish Coast Guard, the Irish Naval Service, the European Commission (DG Maritime Affairs), ESA and EUMETSAT in association with the Irish presidency of the Council of the EU.

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