Remote Sensing Forestry Post Doc in JRC-Italy

The Forest Resources and Climate Unit is looking for
a researcher to contribute to the assessment and
modelling of existing and future forest resources
under foreseen climate change (CC) scenarios. The
envisaged work will consist of:
•• Assessing and modelling European forest resources
integrating filed data, remote sensing derived
products and forest models.
•• Development and testing of indicators related to
the effects of climate change in forests to analyse
susceptibility of European forests to CC.
•• Integration of the modelling work with on-going
developments in the context of a new European
Forestry Dynamics Model.
The ideal candidate should have a PhD in
environmental engineering, physics or environmental
sciences (or a minimum of 5 years of research
experience after the first degree giving access to
doctoral studies).
The candidate must have a strong background in
spatial and time series statistical analysis.
Experience working with large environmental
datasets, and hands-on experience with scientific
programming (e.g. Matlab/GNU, R, Python) are
Hands-on experience in array programming,
modularization of large projects and sematic
constraints, as well as the use of open source
software would be considered an asset.
Good knowledge of spoken and written English is
required. The knowledge of another community
language would be an advantage.
Relevant publications and presentations should be

Institute for Environment and Sustainability
Forest Resources and Climate

Further information:
Indicative duration

36 months


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