Conference on Agriculture and Future Weather Patterns

Conference on Agriculture and Future Weather Patterns
5 December 2013, Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ashtown, Dublin

Irish livestock production is pasture-based and grass growth is a key factor both in
terms of the production potential and profitability of the livestock
sector. This means Irish agricultural systems and weather are
inextricably linked. This was exemplified by the fodder crisis during
the winter and spring of 2012-13 which resulted in significant losses to
Irish agriculture.
Increased weather volatility may pose serious challenges for Irish
This conference will:
• Update stakeholders on the most current assessments of climate
and future weather volatility
• Provide an assessment of the impact of the recent fodder crisis
on agriculture and lessons learned
• Unveil exciting new research in monitoring grass growth and
providing decision -support
• Identify stakeholder needs in terms of building on-farm
adaptive capacity
There is no charge for the conference, but registration is essential.
To register please email your name, organisation and contact details


More detail on speakers here: weather flyer


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