Free Trimble/ecognition day

KOREC on the 3rd of April is holding breakfast meeting  at the Titanic venue in Belfast, you will be able to see the latest surveying innovations from Trimble. The day will start at 8.30 with a hearty breakfast.

After breakfast, there will be presentations on the Trimble R10 GNSS Receiver, Trimble S8 Robotic Total Station and the brand new, highly anticipated Trimble V10 Imaging Rover ( ).

The Trimble V10 Imaging Rover with Trimble VISION™ technology is an integrated camera system that precisely captures 360-degree digital panoramas for efficient visual documentation and measurement of the surrounding environment.

As a complete system solution, the Trimble V10 enables you to capture more critical information that can be transformed into enhanced, rich geospatial deliverables.


The presentations will also include a look at sets of demo data on the software. You will then be able to get your hands on the kit and take it for a test drive.

The day will end around 11.00, allowing you to get back to the office in good time.


To register for the event, please follow the link –

***Afternoon Event***

Trimble eCognition is advanced image analysis software that imports and fuses a variety of geospatial data for analysis, eg. raster images, LIDAR point clouds and GIS vectors.

The aim of the day is to bring together both existing and prospective users of eCognition software to share ideas.

The day starts at 12.00 with a working lunch  and  Dr Waldemar Krebs of Trimble will discuss what’s new from version 8.9 (or new version) of eCognition and examine sample projects from around the globe using LIDAR, aerial and satellite data.


You will then be able to hear from Jason Parker from ICON speaking on how they currently utilise eCognition software on Identifying eligible land parcels for EU farm subsidy payments.

The day will then round up with a workshop, allowing you to see the software first hand and Dr. Waldemar Krebs will talk you through its capabilities and look at what can be achieved.


To register for the event, please follow the link below –


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