First Call for the Irish Earth Observation Researcher Conference

8th Irish Earth Observation Symposium 2014

First call for abstracts – closing date 5pm, Friday September 19th 2014

The theme of the symposium is “New opportunities in Earth Observation”. Abstracts (maximum 300 words) can be submitted as a word document or pdf to the conference organising committee at  Please indicate whether you wish to be considered for an oral or poster submission, and include your full contact details. Postgraduate students are particularly encouraged to attend, and there will be prizes for the best oral and poster presentations from postgraduate students.

Surveying Hedgerows with LIDAR

Our recent project looking to estimate carbon holdings in hedgerows using airborne and terrestrial lidar has been released by the EPA:


Click to access ccrp-32-for-webFINAL.pdf

If it’s too sunny to be reading the whole thing, here is a summary:


6155 LIDAR for Hedgerows





Free book on RADAR remote sensing

Iftikhar Ali PhD student in UCC&Teagasc passed this on:


Here is recently available ​free e-​ book on “Land Applications of Radar Remote Sensing”

​; you can download chapter by chapter, click on each chapter and then at the bottom of the page there is link “download as PDF”. ​

Looks like a very useful resource

Best Scientists in Ireland are Remote Sensing Specialists

Well not quite but Thompson Reuters has just released their top 3000 cited scientists globally.The Irish times article lists 11 scientists working Ireland and 2 of them we can claim for RS.

Colin O’Dowd in NUIG has been working with EO data in climate studies for years and is one of the driving forces behind the SFI EO center application, ACEObs.

And Colm O’Donnell is a world-class expert in hyperspectral sensing and Image Processing in food production.