What use space research?

There are countless reasons why space based research is important- from Earth observation to GPS to global telecommunications.

It seems Irelands commitment to being part of the global space industry and all its spin offs is under some danger at the moment, with Ireland commitment to the ESA being queried. SO if you are board with the science and economic reasons here’s a fun list of things you never new were indented by NASA:





ESA emergency response

Most readers of this blog will be aware of the Copernicus program, an overarching attempt by the ESA to use EO data for improving the quality of life of European citizens.

It has lost of aspects and unfortunately Ireland doesn’t always exploit these services as well as it should. I think I’ll try and highlight services over the coming weeks. First is the emergency response capability– that Ireland as a signed up national participant can avail off- and a good example are the storms of last February- where the department of AG was able to request rush acquisition and analysis of damaged woodlands . Here is an example of one of the reports:



IEOS 2014 great success

The 8th Irish earth observation symposium was a great success, Tim McCarthy and the team
Should roundly congratulated for a fantastic couple of days.
For an outsiders option , here’s an interesting post from Geoff Sawyer of earsc:


Let’s hope next year can be bigger