remote sensing phd’s in Switzerland

PhD student that would like to work within the project:
“Active/Passive Microwave Remote Sensing in Application to ”Vegetation & Soil” and “Snow & Soil” (MicroVegSnow)
funded by the “Swiss National Science Foundation” (SNF).

A summary of the project goals and approaches can be accessed from:

Applicants interested in this position please go to:

Dr. Mike Schwank
Swiss Federal Institute WSL

New Student Fellowship Grants

From an Unusual source, US Intelligence, seems to be open to non-US citizens:

In an effort to help further the advancement of the geospatial tradecraft, USGIF is dedicated to assist promising students interested in the geospatial sciences with scholarship awards.

See here for more.

A new Phd in Teagasc Remote Sensing lab & UCD

“Assessing impact from extreme weather on agriculture & Irish farm resilience”



As a changing climate will possibly be more variable and extreme, it is timely that we develop a better understanding of the impacts for Irish farms associated with extreme events. Historically agro-meteorology in Ireland has looked at climate and regional land-use, with less research on farm management and profitably. However, extreme weather events significantly affect farm productivity and profitability as well as influencing future management decisions. In order to increase Irish farm resilience to extreme weather it is important to better understand the link between farm performance and weather events.

This inter-institutional PhD project will analyse how weather influences farm performance. The project will draw on the new 30 year climate means generated by Met Eireann and a newly geo-referenced long-term farm survey by Teagasc to link farm performance to weather events. Questions on regional differences in coping with weather shocks will be examined. Inter- and intra-annual performance of grassland enterprises will be modelled in the context of local weather with the aim of producing quarterly forecast of agricultural performance. The project will contribute to advancing current agro-meteorological support tools provided by Met Eireann to include a benchmarking tool for Irish farming systems.

See WF_2015