Remote sensing lecture 6

No practical this week but I will be available during this period to address any problem with your projects

For the lecture we will review classification procedures.

Go over accuracy assessments

How to set up a geodatabase in ARcMap (I’ll briefly discuss projections)

I’ll discuss any issues with assignment

Merms/Wildlife 10am

AES 1.30pm

Problem with image for assessment

The attribute files that give our image geographic attributes are not downloading properly, To fix Down load this file


When downloaded change the file extension form .key to .zip and unzip contents (4 files) into your working directory. This new version of SPOT1.png is the one to use (I will show you on Friday how to add geo-location data to files in ArcGIS as a sepereate exercise)

RADAR remote sensing sensing PhD in Barcelona

Towards soil moisture retrieval at 100 m spatial resolution every 3 days: an original combination of readily available multi-sensor data” with Maria Jose Escorihuela in isardSAT (

Here are the details: Doctorat_Industrial