Workshop on landcover mapping project in Ireland


TaLAM Interim Results and stakeholder consultation.

The goal of the EPA-funded TaLAM project (2014-2016) is to develop a process for mapping landcover that is compatible with CORINE and future developments in Copernicus (formerly GMES), whilst also overcoming the two major limitations of the CORINE national landcover product, namely the inadequate spatial and temporal resolution, and the inappropriate thematic classes. The project will produce a system that can populate OSi PRIME2 (P2) parcels at a 1:10,000 scale with landcover labels and a minimum mapping unit (MMU) of 1ha in unenclosed P2 polygons, but can also be downgraded spatially and thematically to CORINE reporting requirements (of 25ha MMU and change at 5ha).

Following on from the successful consensus building exercise in November the TaLAM team present the interim results of the mapping exercises and provide an opportunity for further stakeholder interaction to guide to 2nd half of the project.

Teagasc School of Horticulture, Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin- April 30th

9.30-10.00 – Tea/Coffee for registration

10.00 Introduction from project leader Fiona Cawkwell, UCC

10-15-10.30 – Outcomes of consensus building exercise and next steps, Stuart Green and John Finn, Teagasc

10.30-11.10- Results of RADAR mapping of upland areas to-date, Brian Barret, UCC

11.10-11.40- Interim results of Optical mapping, Christoph Raab, UCC

11.40-12.30- Open discussion with reportage (Tea and coffee served), reflecting on work so far with commentary on future direction from stakeholders.

This will be a good chance to influence the future direction of official land cover mapping in the state.

Places are limited, to confirm attendance at this free event contact

MERMS Lecture 8

Tomorrows elcture at 10 will concentrate on using aerila photograpyhy in the field (still cant upload! will give out notes tommorrow)

The practical will work on developoing arcgis skills for fieldwork..

Im sure you are all familiar with this but have a look anyway:

Click to access Habitat_Survey_Guidance_Heritage_Council_2011_2.pdf

Page 70-77

You can remind yourself of simple digitising using with this quick guide:

Click to access Creating%20a%20new%20shapefile%20and%20digitizing%20basics%20in%20ArcMap.pdf

Remote Sensing / Space Industry Internships in UK

The Space Internship Network, has several paid placement opportunities for this summer which will be of interest to Geography/GIS/Geomatics and Remote Sensing undergraduates.

There are likely to be some further ones going up in the next few weeks, so they should revisit the website if they’re interested.  The website can be found at: