Teagasc and eurisy

A little coverage on the eurisy website on the more operational use of space tech in Teagasc



Remote Sensing Uplands & Mountains

There are recent updates to the TALAM project I’d like to bring to your attention.

 TaLAM – Toward Landcover Accounting and Monitoring.

The EPA funded project, led by UCC with Teagasc as partner. The Goal of TALAM is to produce maps of unenclosed upland areas for sue by a wide range of interest groups.

We have held 2 Stakeholder Workshops so far in the project and posted a number of interactive maps online for feedback.

 The latest maps are here:


Covering the Suir catchment, Galtees and Brandon- along with some interesting national trend maps.

If you are not used to using online mapping click on the layer button on the top right hand side of the screen to see all the options

We’d appreciate feedback via the online survey- it will take 5 mins and allow for your opion to inform the final set of maps produced.



More information on the Maps can be found at


or you can contact me directly via blog

9th Irish Earth Observation Symposium (IEOS) 2015

Ireland Land Cover & Land Use

Last week (October 21st/ October 22nd) the Ryan Institute at the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG) hosted the 9th Irish Earth Observation Symposium (IEOS). Over the course of the two days, a variety of marine, terrestrial and atmospheric remote sensing and earth observation research projects were showcased in eight thematic sessions. The talks exhibited the high quality and breadth of remote sensing research being carried out by various Irish institutions and made for a thoroughly enjoyable and stimulating symposium. Thanks to all involved in the organisation, the IEOS 2015 was a great success!

The three presentations by the TaLAM project team can be accessed below:




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Mapping Work at Earth Observation Symposium

Identifying High Nature Value farmland in Ireland

Some of the satellite mapping within the IdealHNV project was presented at the Irish Earth Observation Symposium in Galway last Month. The presentation can be found here: SMartin_IEOS15_Day1_Ses1.pptx.

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