New PhD Scholarship in Dublin


“Assessing impact from extreme weather on agriculture & Irish farm resilience”

Ref 2015039


As a changing climate will possibly be more variable and extreme, it is timely that we develop a better understanding of the impacts on agriculture and farm performance associated with extreme weather events and seasonal trends. Historically agro-meteorology has looked at climate and regional land-use, with less research on farm management and profitably. However, extreme weather events significantly affect farm productivity and profitability as well as influencing future management decisions. In order to increase farm resilience to extreme weather in Europe it is important to better understand the link between farm performance and weather events using Ireland as a case study.

This inter-institutional PhD project will analyse how weather influences farm performance. The project will draw on the new 30 year climate means generated by Met Eireann and a newly geo-referenced long-term farm survey by Teagasc to link farm performance to weather events. Questions on regional differences in coping with weather shocks will be examined. Inter- and intra-annual performance of grassland enterprises will be modelled in the context of local weather with the aim of producing quarterly forecast of agricultural performance. The project will contribute to advancing current agro-meteorological support tools provided by Met Eireann to include a benchmarking tool for Irish farming systems.


Applicants should have a good primary degree (First or Second Class Honours) or M.Sc. in an appropriate discipline. Students with a background in Geography, Environmental Science, Statistics, Ag Science, Computing or Physics are particularly welcome.

It is important that the student can demonstrate good data handling and quantitative skills.

Applied interdisciplinary PhDs are opportunity for students to expand their experience into new areas so it is expected that the student will have willingness and ability to learn about other fields of study in particular meteorology, agriculture and GIS. The successful candidate should be highly self-motivated and have the ability to work with people across institutions.


The PhD Fellowship is a joint research project between Teagasc and University College Dublin supported by Met Eireann. The student will be based at the Teagasc Research Centre at Ashtown, Co. Dublin and will be registered at the University College Dublin, working under the supervision of Dr. Tamara Hochstrasser in association with Teagasc supervisor (Stuart Green). The Fellowship will start on 1st May 2016.

The fellowship provides a stipend of €22,000. University fees (€6,550 for EU-residents and €13,100 for non-EU residents for the academic year 2015/16) are paid by the student from the stipend which is tenable for 4 years.

Further Information/Applications

Dr Stuart Green, Teagasc, Ashtown, Republic of Ireland email:

Dr Tamara Hochstrasser, School of Biology and Environmental Science, University College Dublin, Belfield, D4, Republic of Ireland. Phone +353 (0)1 716 2440 email:

Application Procedure

Submit an electronic copy of Curriculum Vitae (with a detailed breakdown of relevant educational achievement) and a letter of interest simultaneously to: Stuart Green ( and Dr Tamara Hochstrasser (

Closing date

Review of applications will start on March 5th but suitable applicants are encouraged to contact us before this date. Details of the Teagasc Walsh fellowship programme (including terms and conditions) can be found at:

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