Competion to find new uses for satellite data in Agriculture

Do you want to benefit from top prizes? Seize this opportunity and participate in the the leading innovation competitions for commercial space applications.
Boost your agricultural idea to the next level! Sign up for the Copernicus Masters

Make your idea a success with great benefits of both innovation competitions:

Awesome prizes worth

> EUR 2.5 million Access to 

> 180 space-related stakeholders Business support from

> 40 incubators Great expertise from

> 350 experts Business Accelerator programmes
It’s Your Turn

Got a brilliant service, product, or business idea using Earth observation or satellite navigation? Submit your idea for novel agricultural solutions and precision farming before 30 June 2017. Discover the topic-specific Challenges by our partners which form the largest global innovation network for Copernicus & Galileo.

Both competitions are organised by Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen (AZO), specialist in building and maintaining global innovation networks and organising related competitions. AZO supports business innovations and the creation of new companies, primarily in the field of commercial aerospace applications.


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