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Whilst gorse and forest fires rage across the country, causing particular destruction in Galway, its might be interesting to see these events in a global context.

NASA runs a “real time” forest fire detection service, using thermal anomaly mapping from MODIS and VIIRS satellites. A screen grab from today show the global distribution of fires in the last 24hrs (red dots):

You can access the FIRMS service here

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From Keith Lambkin in Met Éireann:

Every leap year for the last 28 years the Joint Working Group on Applied Agricultural Meteorology (AGMET) traditionally holds an event on or near the 29th February. This February we are relaunching our website as our leap year event.

It replaces the old site and can be viewed at www.agmet.ie

Our aim is to bring together relevant Irish agricultural meteorology related material into the one place. This website will hopefully allow for greater more frequent AGMET interactions. It also provides a platform in which the Irish agro-meteorology community can share upcoming events, PhD adverts, research opportunities, available data sources as well as catch up on related news feeds.

This site is designed for use on mobile devices as well as desktop computers for ease of use. Much of the content of this site has been community driven, informed in part from our recent Agricultural Meteorology Seminar, (National Botanic Gardens, June 2015).

While we aim to add to the site over the coming weeks, feedback, comments and news articles are always welcomed. Please contact us if you would like to share or advertise anything.


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Iftikhar Ali PhD student in UCC&Teagasc passed this on:


Here is recently available ​free e-​ book on “Land Applications of Radar Remote Sensing”

​; you can download chapter by chapter, click on each chapter and then at the bottom of the page there is link “download as PDF”. ​


Looks like a very useful resource

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Google Scholar have just released the 2014 Citation Index- ranking Journals for the h-index 2013.

The remote sensing journals are here (under engineering?) and the top three are:


1. Remote Sensing of Environment 75 98
2. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 65 90
3. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 39 56

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Teagasc & the RDS have been running a series of lectures on Global Issues around Food security. The last of these is Next Tuesday 1st of July, in the Mansion House at 6.30pm where minister of ag Simon Coveney will talk on  “Ireland’s Response to Global Grand Challenges in Agriculture & Food”. Its a topic very relevant to the EO community as climate and food are the main divers in new EO applications from Copernicus and the context for much of the RS funding coming down the line.

To resister for the free event got to:







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The best, most comprehensive (i.e. lists some Ive never heard of!) list of free remote sensing and GIS I’ve so far come across. Courtesy of the UN space office, no less:



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An interesting use of remote sensing (in its broadest terms), is the remote detection of lightning. Ground based sensors detect the characteristic radio waves from a lightning strike and can triangulate position with a network of sensors.
There are space based systems looking at the characteristic signature of lightning (there’s one on the TRIMM satellite I think)- but they do have to be looking at the right time.

The ground based sensors can only detect ground strikes (or near ground)- but these are the ones we are interested in!
The EUCLID network monitors Europe and they have great real time map of lightning activity:


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