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Report from a recent, interesting souding meeting on african landuse issues


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We must do some sort of meta post on this subject soon, but for now just to alert those not aware that the NASA Reverb service has gone beyond beta and is now a one stop shop for ALL NASA earth observation data – it’s an incredible resource with data from scores of sensors with hundreds of products – free.  You can get imagery, maps, daily met data, climate change observations, geophysics sensors and more . Here is the site

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Tourism, leisure and sustainable
development on the coast:
the added value of satellite services

This workshop, organised in collaboration with the partner regions in the “Coast Alive!”, project will
welcome experts and representatives of pioneering regional authorities in sustainable coastal
management. They will share expertise and good practice in the use of satellite applications in
support of measures to promote socio-economic activities on the coast, while mitigating their impact
on the natural and cultural heritage.
 representatives of the partner regions in “Coast Alive!”, and other European local and
regional authorities: County Council representatives, culture and leisure departments, tourist
offices, health organisations, environmental agencies, SMEs operating in these sectors
 representatives from European and national institutions with an interest in ensuring
European investments in space benefit citizens and businesses at every level
 satellite application service providers
Registration is free, but compulsory for attending the workshop. Click here to for programme

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A new high level group has been establsihed by UN on geospatial issues – seems it will take a hand in GEOSS. Some data sets on global landuse available on the web site

GGIM | United Nations Initiative on Global Geospatial Information Management.

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via ReliefWeb » Document » Somalia: UN meeting on Horn of Africa hears UNOSAT on geospatial piracy monitoring.

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A press release from the UN Disarmament committee gets me thinks about Ireland’s role as an “honest broker”.
Ireland has a long, distinguished and, most importantly, effective history in disarmament at UN level. Right now we are part of the New Agenda Coalition – Brazil, Egypt, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, and Sweden. A group in the UN seeking disarmament.

In the report are two section of interest to us:

ALISON KELLY, Deputy Political Director and Director for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation, Department of Foreign Affairs of Ireland, speaking on behalf of the New Agenda Coalition, said the group….. shared a common goal of ridding the world of nuclear weapons. Fully committed to the NPT, disarmament and non-proliferation were intrinsically linked, and mutually reinforcing processes required continuous and irreversible progress. The only absolute guarantee against the proliferation and use of nuclear weapons was those weapons complete and verifiable elimination.

And secondly

…the Committee has before it the Secretary-General’s report on transparency and confidence-building measures in outer space activities (document A/65/123), which contains information from Member States gathered pursuant to requests contained in General Assembly resolutions 64/49, 63/68, 62/43 and 61/75. The report includes concrete proposals on transparency and confidence-building measures in outer space activities in the interest of maintaining international peace and security and promoting international cooperation and the prevention of an outer space arms race. Proposals include updating the principles of satellite-based remote sensing of the Earth…

Two observations come to mind; in the NAC Brazil, South Africa and Sweden are “players” in global earth observation industry and in my interactions with GMES, I’ve often wondered at what level is Foreign Affairs engaged with the process.

So an obvious train of thought is, in light of Ireland’s strong position on Nuclear Disarmament and our membership of a small club with some serious EO players, what role, if any, is there for the Irish EO community in this arena?

( I’m aware of some work in the past by UCD and RPII tracing nuclear isotopes but nothing with respect to satellite EO)

Can we make contributions technically or in the field of policy?

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These MODIS images from NASA show the extent of the flooding in Pakistan. Its the blue tones you should be looking at. Just to give some scale – the image snippets on the page each cover the same area as Ireland (approx 7.5 million Ha). It’s an incredible volume of water.

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