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A few days ago I posted about my first experiences with Sentinel-2A data. Since then, I came across a post in the Geoscience and Remote Sensing Facebook group for a video of how to download and process individual Sentinel-2A granules using the free and open-source QGIS.

First and foremost, you’ll need to get two plugins from within QGIS- the OpenLayers plugin, and the Semi-Automatic Classification plugin (SCP), the latter written by Luca Congedo. You’ll then need to restart QGIS to use both plugins. You will also have to be registered with the Sentinels Scientific Data Hub, as you’ll be using your username and password in the SCP plugins.

After that, follow the instructions in the video. Be aware that downloads can take a while.


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Issued 25th June 2013

Closing date: 11th July 2013, 12.00 noon (GMT)

As part of the GSI landslide susceptibility mapping project and the ongoing development of the GSI landslide database: County Kerry and Mayo landslide inventories are to be developed and integrated into GSI’s landslide susceptibility model.


Assess imagery datasets and identify candidate landslides in the two areas

Develop and deploy a strategy to carry out an efficient campaign of reconnaissance and validation fieldwork to establish the bona fides, or otherwise, of the candidate landslides and to record the landslide attributes.

Using the additional inventory data; implement the methodology developed in the previous stages of the landslide susceptibility mapping project in County Kerry and Mayo and report on its effectiveness.

Document all project tasks and workflows in systematic reports.

Please see eTenders website for further details here

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GSI has placed a Request for Tender on etenders for Satellite Bathymetric Surveys
Closing date is Oct 26 but application process can be all electronic and should not be too onerous (we hope)

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The National Space Centre is coordinating the Irish arm of a 1 million euro geolocation application completion from Galileo. Open to all you can enter with just an idea (all be it a well thought out one), a business plan or a system or equipment at prototype level. Examples of previous winners include:

  • Device-based distributed taxi-dispatching using GPS/GNSS and short-range communications
  • MEFID – the miniature electronic unit for remote detecting epileptic seizures of children
  • VIP-Is : Maps and LBSs for Visually Impaired People based on precIse satellIte navIgation and tactIle visualIzation
  • Geo-Coupon: A coupon demanding app based on where you have been

Brochure here. Closing Date 30th June

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No Satellite Images of the dublin floods yet (it doesnt seem to have registered on the SAFER sight from GMES – either too small or our national contact point didnt activate the service). However an article here lookign at a new terrestrial weather radar designed and deployed in Galway

Radar system may give more accurate forecasts – The Irish Times – Thu, Oct 27, 2011.

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A new high level group has been establsihed by UN on geospatial issues – seems it will take a hand in GEOSS. Some data sets on global landuse available on the web site

GGIM | United Nations Initiative on Global Geospatial Information Management.

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In a response to our post on the recent gorse fires, Daniel Mcinerney directs us to the European Forest Fire Information System – Based on Modis Imagery, weather data and load models it provides daily risk maps, identifies current and past hot spots and maps of burnt areas. A quick grab shows the burnt areas for the last 30 days.

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