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I recently wrote a general interest piece on remote sensing, Copernicus and agriculture for the Engineers Journal published by Engineers Ireland.

Its available now online on the Engineers Journal website.




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Well not quite but Thompson Reuters has just released their top 3000 cited scientists globally.The Irish times article lists 11 scientists working Ireland and 2 of them we can claim for RS.

Colin O’Dowd in NUIG has been working with EO data in climate studies for years and is one of the driving forces behind the SFI EO center application, ACEObs.

And Colm O’Donnell is a world-class expert in hyperspectral sensing and Image Processing in food production.




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If you missed this morning’s piece on the Sentinel Launch tonight.

Its up on RTE Player:


The sentinel bit starts in at about 1hr 5mins

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RTE will be covering the launch of the Sentinel Satellite tomorrow on “Morning Edition” @ 10.15 see me.


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Is it a sign that a technology is mainstream and mature when it’s allegedgly used for nefarious purposes?




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Ireland’s only science focused film festival opens on Thursday:




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The Science Squad programme shown on RTE 1, featuring me and Tim McCarthy of NUIM on remote sensing of grasslands can be found here on RTE Player

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