Brexit, Trump and Earth Observation

Even this blog can’t escape the political environment at the moment. Two recent articles show how politics will affect the use of EO data in the future.

The first details how the Trump administration is planning to re-introduce fees for accessing US satellite data. This data has been free for a decade and has revolutionized the geospatial industry, especially in the US, helping to create a multi-billion dollar enterprise. However the decision is in keeping with the Trump administrations general hostility toward NASA’s EO program.

The second shows how Brexit is posing a significant threat to the UK’s space industry generally but specifically the UKs access to the non-public (i.e.e defence) services from the EUs Galileo program.

I suppose both are good news stories for ESA and Copernicus and perhaps they point to future opportunities in the space sector for Ireland?



Agriculture, remote sensing and space week

I’m speaking at the Institute of Engineers on the use satellite tech in farming as part of Space week. Its a free event and there 3 other (far more interesting) speakers:

Project Management and Young Engineers Society

in Association with Cooney Architects and i3PT Certification Present:

Architecture & Engineering in Space “

Venue – 22 Clyde Rd, Ballsbridge, Dublin

Date – Tuesday10th October 2017

Time – 17:30 to 20:00


An evening of international and national expert talks focusing on the links between the Engineering, Architecture and space exploration. What type of space suit performs best in space? How engineers are designing systems so settlers can survive on arrival? Engineering pushes the boundaries of what is possible and Space Architects designs the environments that will be inhabited in outer space. Come along and learn more!

Event Outline

17.30 – Introduction and welcome

17.35 – Stuart Green – Copernicus for Agricultural Applications in Ireland

17:55 – Dr Niamh Shaw – Walking slowly towards Space

18.20 – Dava Newman – A better built Space Suit

18:40 – Gui Trotto – Pushing Human Limits to the Extreme

19:10 – Interactive Q&A session


What use space research?

There are countless reasons why space based research is important- from Earth observation to GPS to global telecommunications.

It seems Irelands commitment to being part of the global space industry and all its spin offs is under some danger at the moment, with Ireland commitment to the ESA being queried. SO if you are board with the science and economic reasons here’s a fun list of things you never new were indented by NASA:



Sentinel Countdown

As its only about 3 weeks to the launch (*crosses fingers*) of the Sentinel 1 Satellite you might consider following the launch blog:

Lots of very interesting details on the complexities of such an endeavour – lots of nice vids and pics as well.

Is an Irish Centre for Earth Observation on the cards?

A new call for the establishment of SFI Centres has been issued.

Details here:

 The list has some direct interest for us as last on the list of proposed Centres is:

Earth and Ocean Observation

Ireland’s Space Industry

The ESA Space Expo in TCD last week seemed a success judging by the numbers attending during the nicest weather we’ve had in years. I picked up a copy of a new(-ish, 2012) Enterprise Ireland publication called Ireland’s Space Endeavours, detailing companies and research groups involved in the space industry. You can downlaod a copy here its make eye opening reading if you thought space was what other countries did.

Public lecture on eumetsat

The next Irish Meteorological Society Public Lecture takes place in the Custom House, Thursday April 25th at 6-30pm.

‘EUMETSAT: A European Success Story’ by Declan Murphy

EUMETSAT is responsible for the launch and operation of meteorological satellites which make a significant contribution to weather forecasting and to the monitoring of the global climate.

Members of the public are welcome and admission is free,
but please reserve your place.
Tea/coffee from 5-30pm and complimentary satellite poster for attendees