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From Keith Lambkin in Met Éireann:

Every leap year for the last 28 years the Joint Working Group on Applied Agricultural Meteorology (AGMET) traditionally holds an event on or near the 29th February. This February we are relaunching our website as our leap year event.

It replaces the old site and can be viewed at www.agmet.ie

Our aim is to bring together relevant Irish agricultural meteorology related material into the one place. This website will hopefully allow for greater more frequent AGMET interactions. It also provides a platform in which the Irish agro-meteorology community can share upcoming events, PhD adverts, research opportunities, available data sources as well as catch up on related news feeds.

This site is designed for use on mobile devices as well as desktop computers for ease of use. Much of the content of this site has been community driven, informed in part from our recent Agricultural Meteorology Seminar, (National Botanic Gardens, June 2015).

While we aim to add to the site over the coming weeks, feedback, comments and news articles are always welcomed. Please contact us if you would like to share or advertise anything.


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Teagasc & the RDS have been running a series of lectures on Global Issues around Food security. The last of these is Next Tuesday 1st of July, in the Mansion House at 6.30pm where minister of ag Simon Coveney will talk on  “Ireland’s Response to Global Grand Challenges in Agriculture & Food”. Its a topic very relevant to the EO community as climate and food are the main divers in new EO applications from Copernicus and the context for much of the RS funding coming down the line.

To resister for the free event got to:







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Teagasc PhD Walsh Fellowship Opportunity
‘Precision agriculture tools and their application land drainage issues in Ireland’

Ref Walsh Fellowship Number: 2014017
Artificial drainage is being revealed to be one of the most important barriers in the further development of sustainable agriculture across Ireland and Europe. The correct implementation and maintenance of drainage is important for the future economic and environmental viability of farming across much of the country. Correctly drained soils extend the grazing season in beef and dairy systems, thus increasing profitability and can improve nutrient management and yield.

This project has two parallel research goals: producing geographic data on the extent of heavy soils in the Border, Midland and Western (BMW) region that have likely been drained using remote sensing and geospatial models, and developing new tools using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as survey platforms to map intra-field drainage – both underground and over-ground flow.

Applicants should have a good primary degree (First or Second Class Honours) or M.Sc. in an appropriate discipline (Computer Science, Environmental Science, Physical Sciences, etc.). The successful candidate should be highly self-motivated and be prepared for periods of field work with modern analytical equipment
The PhD Fellowship is a joint research project between Teagasc, Oak Park, Carlow and the National Centre for Geocomputation, National University of Ireland Maynooth. The student will be based at the Teagasc Research Centre at Ashtown, Dublin and will be registered at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, working under the supervision of Dr. Tim McCarthy, Dr. Rowan Fealy and Dr. Conor Cahalane in association with Teagasc supervisors Mr. Stuart Green, Mr. Reamonn Fealy and Dr. Owen Fenton. The Fellowship will start on, or as soon as possible after, 1st of October when the most suitable candidate is appointed.
The fellowship award is €22,000 which includes a maintenance award to the student and payment of fees to NUI Maynooth for each of the 4 years tenable.

Further Information/Applications
Mr. Stuart Green, Teagasc Ashtown Research Centre, Scribblestown Road, Ashtown, Dublin 15.
Phone +353 (0)1 8459945​​email: Stuart.Green@teagasc.ie

Dr. Tim McCarthy, National Centre for Geocomputation, Iontas Building, National University of Ireland Maynooth,
Maynooth, Co. Kildare.
Phone +353 (1) 7086180​​email: Tim.McCarthy@nuim.ie

Application Procedure
Submit an electronic copy of Curriculum Vitae and a letter of interest simultaneously to:
Mr. Stuart Green (Stuart.Green@teagasc.ie) and
Dr. Tim McCarthy (Tim.McCarthy@nuim.ie).
Closing date
8th August, 2014.

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If you missed this morning’s piece on the Sentinel Launch tonight.

Its up on RTE Player:


The sentinel bit starts in at about 1hr 5mins

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Somehwhat offf topic:

Teagasc 3 Year PhD Walsh Fellowship

€22,000 Per Annum

Sustainability and Consumers’ Use of Mobile Optical Recognition Systems in Food Related Search

Walsh Fellowship Number: 2014054


The penetration of smartphones and iPads has risen rapidly over the past 18 months, reaching over 50% of the Irish population in 2013. These devices, sometimes referred to as optical recognition systems, possess mobile optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities enabling phone users to scan either Quick Recall codes (QR) or the package itself to link in to the company’s website or augmented reality (AR) applications. This presents food companies and the food industry in general with an opportunity to engage directly with consumers at the point of purchase or consumption. The project aims to develop a greater understanding of consumers’ usage of these devices to search for and access food related information thereby assisting companies and support agencies evaluate the strategic opportunities presented by these new technologies.


By adopting a mixed method approach to the research, this study will track and explain mobile OCR usage to engage with food products; it will identify the motivations underlying these engagements; it will assess the role of sustainability (across environmental, social, and economic dimensions) in encouraging search and engagement; and it will identify the potential to communicate the sustainability message using mobile OCR devices. Ultimately, it will inform key food company strategic decisions related to marketing, communication, packaging and brand development.



Applicants should have or expect to have a good primary degree (First or Second Class Honours) or Masters in an appropriate discipline (e.g. Food Marketing, Agri-business, Marketing & Management, Commerce, Applied Psychology). The successful candidate should be highly self-motivated and be prepared to undertake fieldwork using a range of data collection techniques.


This three year Teagasc Walsh Fellowship forms part of a joint research project between the Department of Agrifood Business and Spatial Analysis, Teagasc and the Department of Food Business and Development, University College Cork. The student will be based at the Teagasc Food Research Centre at Ashtown, Dublin 15 (under the supervision of Dr Maeve Henchion and Stuart Green) and will be registered at University College Cork (under the supervision of Dr Alan Collins, Dr Mary McCarthy and Dr Carol Kelleher). The Fellowship will start as soon as possible after 1st of October 2014 when the most suitable candidate is appointed. The fellowship provides an annual stipend of €22,000. University fees are deducted from the stipend which is tenable for 3 years.

Further Information/Applications

Dr Maeve Henchion, Dept. of Agrifood Business and Spatial Analysis, Teagasc, Food Research Centre, Ashtown, Dublin 15, Ireland

Phone: +353 (0)1 8059515                        email: maeve.henchion@teagasc.ie

Dr Alan Collins, Dept. Food Business and Development, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland

Phone: +353 (0)21 490066                        email: a.collins@ucc.ie


Application Procedure

Submit an electronic copy of Curriculum Vitae and a letter of interest simultaneously to:

Dr Maeve Henchion (maeve.henchion@teagasc.ie) and

Dr Alan Collins (a.collins@ucc.ie).

Closing date Monday June 9th, 2014

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We are looking for a contract researcher to work in our Dublin Campus on a remote sensing project based around identifying high nature value farmlands (essentially made up of farms with high level of biodiversity) using high-resolution optical satellite imagery.

More details here

Closing Date 18th March

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Conference on Agriculture and Future Weather Patterns
5 December 2013, Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ashtown, Dublin

Irish livestock production is pasture-based and grass growth is a key factor both in
terms of the production potential and profitability of the livestock
sector. This means Irish agricultural systems and weather are
inextricably linked. This was exemplified by the fodder crisis during
the winter and spring of 2012-13 which resulted in significant losses to
Irish agriculture.
Increased weather volatility may pose serious challenges for Irish
This conference will:
• Update stakeholders on the most current assessments of climate
and future weather volatility
• Provide an assessment of the impact of the recent fodder crisis
on agriculture and lessons learned
• Unveil exciting new research in monitoring grass growth and
providing decision -support
• Identify stakeholder needs in terms of building on-farm
adaptive capacity
There is no charge for the conference, but registration is essential.
To register please email your name, organisation and contact details
to: weatherconference2013@teagasc.ie


More detail on speakers here: weather flyer

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