Harris© Live Free Webinar: Quickly Assess Your UAV Data Quality In The Field

Quickly Assess Your UAV Data Quality In The Field    Live Webinar by Harris Geospatial Solutions, Inc.

Live Webinar | April 17

One question a UAV pilot will inevitably ask in the field is “did I collect all of the necessary data for the project?” With this in mind, PrecisionPass was developed to quickly assess UAV imagery and answer this question in the field, rather than having to wait until you’re back at the office.

Immediate feedback on your collection reduces the risk of failures during the analysis stage, all but eliminating the need to re-fly a mission, so customer needs are met in a timely and cost-efficient manner. You can think of PrecisionPass as an incredibly easy-to-use and understand insurance policy.

Attend this webinar and see how PrecisionPass can:

  • Automatically check the saturation, contrast, EXIF tags and/or associated metadata file, and gaps between scan lines (for push broom)
  • Ensure that data collected has proper overlap, coverage, and GSD for stitching and analysis purposes
  • Provide a “texture map,” which gives you a rough draft of what the final orthomosaic will look like
  • Help pilots improve their capture techniques over time Less
When: Tuesday, April 17

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EARSeL SUMMER SCHOOL Sentinel for Applications in Agriculture

Sentinel for Applications in Agriculture

EARSeL SUMMER SCHOOL is open to early career scientists or employers, such as Ph.D. students, young postdoctoral scientists, technicians specialized in Earth Science disciplines, wishing to expand and improve their knowledge and skills on EO in Agriculture.

In-field exercises! 

These will be organized to collect data through ad-hoc instrumentation: spectral measurements, drone imagery, proximal sensor on tractors, etc. Samples’ collection for testing in proximity (weather permitting) of scheduled acquisition of Sentinel data is also planned.
  • Participation is limited to a maximum of 20 students: a selection based on CVs and motivation letters will be applied.
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE: Candidacy has to submit by April 30th, 2018
  • DATE & TIME: September 17th to September 21st, 2018.
  • LESSONS START: at 12:30 PM on Monday Sept 17th and end at 01:30 PM on Friday Sept 21st.
  • FEES: the cost is 950 Euro to be paid to AIT within 30/06/2018
Fees include attendance to the lectures and laboratories (including in-field excursions), accommodation and luncheons costs. Travel costs are not included. (Financial support is not available).

For more information visit Sentinel for Applications in Agriculture CALL


Teagasc PhD Walsh Fellowship Opportunity
‘Precision agriculture tools and their application land drainage issues in Ireland’

Ref Walsh Fellowship Number: 2014017
Artificial drainage is being revealed to be one of the most important barriers in the further development of sustainable agriculture across Ireland and Europe. The correct implementation and maintenance of drainage is important for the future economic and environmental viability of farming across much of the country. Correctly drained soils extend the grazing season in beef and dairy systems, thus increasing profitability and can improve nutrient management and yield.

This project has two parallel research goals: producing geographic data on the extent of heavy soils in the Border, Midland and Western (BMW) region that have likely been drained using remote sensing and geospatial models, and developing new tools using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as survey platforms to map intra-field drainage – both underground and over-ground flow.

Applicants should have a good primary degree (First or Second Class Honours) or M.Sc. in an appropriate discipline (Computer Science, Environmental Science, Physical Sciences, etc.). The successful candidate should be highly self-motivated and be prepared for periods of field work with modern analytical equipment
The PhD Fellowship is a joint research project between Teagasc, Oak Park, Carlow and the National Centre for Geocomputation, National University of Ireland Maynooth. The student will be based at the Teagasc Research Centre at Ashtown, Dublin and will be registered at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, working under the supervision of Dr. Tim McCarthy, Dr. Rowan Fealy and Dr. Conor Cahalane in association with Teagasc supervisors Mr. Stuart Green, Mr. Reamonn Fealy and Dr. Owen Fenton. The Fellowship will start on, or as soon as possible after, 1st of October when the most suitable candidate is appointed.
The fellowship award is €22,000 which includes a maintenance award to the student and payment of fees to NUI Maynooth for each of the 4 years tenable.

Further Information/Applications
Mr. Stuart Green, Teagasc Ashtown Research Centre, Scribblestown Road, Ashtown, Dublin 15.
Phone +353 (0)1 8459945​​email: Stuart.Green@teagasc.ie

Dr. Tim McCarthy, National Centre for Geocomputation, Iontas Building, National University of Ireland Maynooth,
Maynooth, Co. Kildare.
Phone +353 (1) 7086180​​email: Tim.McCarthy@nuim.ie

Application Procedure
Submit an electronic copy of Curriculum Vitae and a letter of interest simultaneously to:
Mr. Stuart Green (Stuart.Green@teagasc.ie) and
Dr. Tim McCarthy (Tim.McCarthy@nuim.ie).
Closing date
8th August, 2014.